product overview

Zero wall Connector

With this new connection module smooth solid walls can be produced in circulation plants by connecting 2 panels to form a solid element.

There is no need to use a so-called “helicopter” for subsequent smoothing of the surface and thus the production capacity can be increased by up to 50%.

Further application possibilities with this connection module consist for double walls, sandwich panels and walls that are colored on both sides e.g. boundary walls.

Video - Manufacturing process with Zero Wall Connector

Click Connector

With the new click connector 2 prefabricated panels can be joined in less than 1 minute. The crane + installation times are greatly reduced and the use of the connector results in a relatively narrow joint whereby the effort for filling the joints is also reduced (e.g. by using the Fluxx system).

Video - Function of the Click Connector

Double Wall Connector

The Double Wall connector is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and is used in double walls and insulated double walls.

It is available for wall thicknesses of 180, 200, 240, 250, 300 and 350 mm, and also replaces the lattice girders and spacers to connect the two layers.

It takes on the concrete pressure.
On average 1.5 units are required per square meter.
The distance between the connectors in the lower part of the wall is smaller than in the middle and upper part due to the higher concrete pressure in that area.

Weight-optimized concrete

GewOpCon = weight-optimized concrete is a system consisting of:

- Weight-optimized lightweight concrete with low bulk density
- Connection technology with innovative back anchors to prevent tearing out

The system with various property rights and the trademark application 30 2022 116 784.0 combines tested anchoring technology with a new type of concrete mixing process and ends the untested state for anchoring in this building material of the future.

ETA approvals are about to be issued.

PCT = Precast Concrete Technology / Pioneer in Concrete Technology

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